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Complete turn key packages

Complete turn key packages

We have exclusive access to land releases in the most popular residential estates in Darwin and Palmerston, and can offer competitive home and land packages to suit you.

All prices, features, land availability, were correct at time of publication and are subject to change. Images are for illustration purposes only.

Take a look at these house & land packages

Zuccoli Aspire

Design House & Land From Land Sizes From Brochure
Northern Spirit $507,300 550sqm Download
Tropical Kiss $469,800 482sqm Download
Viggles Villa $632,300 642sqm Download
Sykati $594,300 580sqm Download
Dorling $656,500 608sqm Download
Faith $600,500 613sqm Download
Kalydna $604,300 642sqm Download
Love Bird's Nest $568,300 580sqm Download
Micro $477,300 425sqm Download
Narkissus $590,300 583sqm Download
Nostalgia $515,800 482sqm Download
Adore $462,300 421sqm Download
Coral $485,300 420sqm Download
Everest $470,300 361sqm Download
Plati $475,300 421sqm Download
Malta $585,800 469sqm Download
Retro $501,300 421sqm Download
Milano $483,800 456sqm Download

Zuccoli Village

Design House & Land From Land Sizes From Brochure
Northern Spirit $538,500 600sqm Download
Tropical Kiss $510,500 600sqm Download
Viggles Villa $635,500 600sqm Download
Sykati $611,500 600sqm Download
Dorling $670,500 600sqm Download
Faith $613,500 617sqm Download
Kalydna $608,500 600sqm Download
Love Bird's Nest $578,500 600sqm Download
Micro $553,000 600sqm Download
Narkissus $606,500 600sqm Download
Nostalgia $556,500 600sqm Download
Adore $524,500 600sqm Download
Coral $548,500 600sqm Download
Everest $556,500 600sqm Download
Plati $538,500 600sqm Download
Malta $593,700 600sqm Download
Retro $563,500 600sqm Download
Milano $533,500 600sqm Download

The Heights Durack

Design House & Land From Land Sizes From Brochure
Micro $562,000 437sqm Download

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