Posted on 20 October, 2020 in Handover

Welcome home to Northcrest Ariel and Irene

Welcome home to Northcrest Ariel and Irene

We can't tell whose happier in these photos!? Is it Mum who can't get wait to get the keys? Or little brother in the middle? Auntie in the back? Or older brother in the middle with a serious/happy face...?? You decide, we love it 🀣🀩

New homeowners Ariel and Irene along with their family collected the keys to their new home at Northcrest this week πŸ‘πŸ”‘

We asked them what they love about their new home at Northcrest...

"We chose Northcrest primarily because of its location. It's strategically located on top of the hill and in the middle of Darwin, Palmerston and Casuarina and has all the convenience, accessibility to adjacent communities, educational institutes and shopping areas.” πŸ“

β€œSecondly, it's a newly developed suburb so it has aesthetic and comfortable features like beautiful scenery, open spaces and quietness which are conducive for family living and relaxation after work.”

β€œWe love our newly built house, it's definitely a dream come true. We like that the builder gave us a free rein to choose the design and the colour scheme. We love the modern design and high-end ambiance of the residential houses in the neighbourhood. We’re looking forward to more future developments and wide array of modern living options.”

β€œWe chose the Aura House Design from

About Homes NT. It's a four-bedroom house with a mixture of tailored comfort and relaxed elegance vibe perfectly in tune with Australia's climate.” 🌴

- Ariel & Irene 

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