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Posted on 05 May, 2021 in Maintenance

Water leak detection in bathrooms

Water leak detection in bathrooms

If you have noticed water leaks within your bathrooms or anywhere within your home,


1.If your home is still within the 12 months of Occupancy you are still covered by the Builder’s 12 months maintenance responsibility. Call us immediately and we will organize to come and check what the problem is.

2.If your home is passed 12 months of Occupancy, a plumber needs to check and assess the problem. Most common reasons for water leaks within the bathroom areas arise because of silicon's, sealants and or grout not maintained regularly as part of the home owners responsibilities. It is the owners responsibility to pay the plumbers fee for this assessment.

If the plumber's assessment proves that the plumbing work was defective, then please contact us immediately to follow up this issue. We will reassess and advise before we rectify anything.

Waterproofing inspections are carried out in all our homes and Inspection Reports are included in The Occupancy files we give to the Owners. Unless the waterproofing inspection pass by the inspector no tiling work is allowed to start. 

Home owner maintenance and responsibilities

Owners should be aware that their actions either by cleaning or use can damage the shower recess's waterproofing capability, damage caused by the owners actions are not considered defects. For example excessive cleaning can cause sealants to become loose and damage grout around shower screens which may result in water escaping from the shower recess.

Owners should be aware that fair wear and tear of shower recess components, cracking of shower screens, doors and preformed shower bases which are not the result of unsatisfactory workmanship of the builder are not considered defects.

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