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Posted on 05 May, 2021 in Maintenance

Stainless steel appliances / White goods

Stainless steel appliances / White goods


Your cooktop, oven and other appliances supplied and installed by the Builder, are covered by their individual manufacturers’ warranties. A copy of the invoice is included in the hand over folder. If you have misplaced it or can’t find it…not a problem. Email us [email protected] and we will reply back and attach the documentation you need.


The working surface of your stove and oven are usually finished in glass and/or stainless steel. To maintain the appearance of these appliances, stains may be removed with hot soapy water and clean cloth prior to the stains drying and for stubborn stains place a hot damp cloth on the surface for a few minutes. There are a number of products on the market designed specifically for stainless steel goods. Do not use gritty soaps or abrasives as these will leave dull patches on the Surface.


If the stove does not work, check that the isolator switch located near the stove is turned on and the trip switch is in the ‘on’ position in the meter box.

If the problem persists contact P&P Air Conditioning and Appliances Services Explain what the problem is and provide to them the Purchase invoice. If the item is still under warranty they will schedule with you to come in and inspect and will service under warranty.

If item is out of warranty, P&P Air Conditioning and Appliances Services, can still schedule an inspection, but the owner is responsible for paying for their services and/or repairs as part of owners property maintenance responsibilities. 

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