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Posted on 05 May, 2021 in Maintenance

Painted Surfaces

Painted Surfaces

The following blemishes are defective if can be seen from a normal viewing position, illuminated by “non critical light”:

1.Paint runs

2.Paint sags

3.Wrinkling and blistering


5.Bare or paint starved areas

6.Color variations

7.Surface cracks

8.Irregular and coarse brush marks

9.Sanding marks

10.Uniformity of gloss level

The highest quality paints have been used in your new home, however they are not designed to be washed daily, as some may believe. Paint manufacturers suggest using warm soapy water and a soft cotton cloth to carefully clean off accidental surface marks. 

Most paints under normal weather conditions carry a minimum durability period of 3 years. Like many other components of your home, painting surfaces require periodic homeowner maintenance to keep them looking their best.

Factors such as orientation, along with levels of shelter can create different exposure levels, therefore making particular areas more susceptible to deterioration than others.

eg. All entry doors and any external timber exposed to weather and sunlight will require yearly maintenance.

Owners responsibilities

1.Home owners should not put garden beds against rendered walls; this can cause water damage and efflorescence.

2.Your render can be cleaned with a soft brush and a hose. It is not recommended to use any chemicals as this may cause discoloration or excessive wear to your render.

3.Paint durability is not a defect where the owner’s actions have contributed to deterioration of paint work, for example the use of sprinklers, vegetation rubbing against paint work etc.

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