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Posted on 05 May, 2021 in Maintenance

Cracking in walls - Render

Cracking in walls - Render

It is common that minor movements occur on nearly all sites and it is not always possible to design a footing system that will protect a house from movement in all circumstances which may result in cracking in walls.

Cracking in walls can be expected however there are limits to the size of the crack width which are considered to be either acceptable or unacceptable.

Cracks in render may occur around the ceiling cornice because of settlement of the roof or shrinkage of roof timbers and does not pose a serious structural problem.

Cracks in the walls over windows and door frames or around the bottoms also rarely pose a structural threat and in most cases are easily filled by scraping a deep V shape groove and filling. Some cracks may re-open again because of further settlement or shrinkage. This does not mean that the previous repair method wasn’t done right.

Most corner and wall cracks are repaired at maintenance time but some ongoing settlement becomes part of the Home owners Maintenance responsibility.

 What owners should expect

1.Category 0, 1, & 2 are not defects

2.Category 2 cracks should be monitored for 12 months after appearing, if after this time they are a Category 3 crack they will be considered a defect requiring rectification.

3.Category 3 or greater cracks are considered defects requiring investigation, stabilization, monitoring and rectification work which may include breaking out and replacing sections of the wall.

Category 0, 1, 2Cracks that are less than 2mm wide
Category 3, 4Cracks that are greater than 2mm in width

Cracking in walls - Render

Owners responsibilities

1.Home owners should not put garden beds against rendered walls; this can cause water damage and efflorescence.

2.Your render can be cleaned with a soft brush and a hose. It is not recommended to use any chemicals as this may cause discoloration or excessive wear to your render.

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